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Hotel Restaurant Bristol Saas-Fee | Tel: +41 27 958 12 12 |  Fax: +41 27 958 12 13 |
  • Let yourself be pampered in the first row.
  • The Saas Valley is surrounded by no less than eighteen 4,000-metre peaks!
  • 150 km of first-class, well-maintained ski slopes and a panorama of 18 4,000-metre peaks
  • A variety of mountain railways transport the winter sportsman comfortably to the mountain.
  • Let yourself be pampered in the first row.
  • Ski in & Ski out hotel, right on the ski slopes & mountain railways.
  • Saas Fee also offers plenty of other winter sports opportunities
  • The autofreie Saas-Fee lies at the foot of the highest mountain in Switzerland
  • A hot tip for winter sports fans: Saas-Fee.
  • Best prepared ski slopes from 3'600 m above sea level to the village.
Gorge Alpine (by night)

If the weather throws a spanner in the works or if you're looking for an alternative to the usual winter sports,
head over to the Gorge Alpine,
the the most spectacular way to get from Saas-Fee to Saas-Grund.
The via ferrata takes you through the snow-covered gorge, past frozen waterfalls and incredible ice sculptures crafted by Mother Nature.
Steel ropes, ladders and suspension bridges help you make this stunning descent.

Gorge Alpine by night followed by fondue, Saas-Fee/Saas-Grund.

Scale this fantastic via ferrata for magnificent views of the winter landscape.
Or, for that extra thrill, traverse the gorge by night wearing a special head lamp.
All that adrenaline is bound to leave you hungry, so afterwards we'll enjoy a delicious cheese fondue together in Saas-Grund.

Tours / off-piste / heli skiing

Whether skiing, off-piste skiing and heliskiing.
Our climbing schools each year represent the proverbial "most" attractive tour programs together for you.
Find out more
At the sight of the summit rim surrounding the Saas Valley every viewer into raptures.
For decades, our guides experienced and less experienced climbers safely through the mountains.
Here are some highlights:
Extract from the program

Freeride / off-piste
To climb, you use the lifts, which carry you up to a height of 3600 meters.
Then you expect wonderful powder snow and firn snow ski off-piste in fascinating world of glaciers.

Ski Plus
Short, max. 2-hour ascent to bring us to remote peaks and passes. Enjoy the scenery and long descents in the sunny valleys of the Saas Valley.

Eagle Pass to Zermatt ski tour
Probably the best way to go to Zermatt. After a long climb to the Eagle Pass and a short,
steeper descent on the Findel will inspire you the views of the Matterhorn.
With each swing of the 2100 meters long descent we ähern "the mountain of mountains". It seems to us even bigger and more impressive.

By guides
The program points to be selected depending on the snow and weather conditions.
The dates can be found in the mountain guide office.

The exact rates, please contact the relevant mountain guide office.

The Feeblitz toboggan run

The Feeblitz toboggan run is a dynamic way to see the Pearl of the Alps. Get in and zoom down to the valley at speeds up to 40 km/h,
zipping through a 360 degree turn, round steep curves and over jumps. A real adrenaline rush accompanied by incredible views!

NEW: Take a souvenir photo home with you afterwards!



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