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Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiers and snowboarders, beginners, average drivers or find professionals, "their trails"!
Saas-Fee and the Saas Valley, thanks to the up to 3,600 meters above sea level.

Snow skiing absolutely

A majority of the pistes which are not on the glacier is snow by 95 lifts.
The descents can be guaranteed in Saas-Fee until season's end (the end of April).

In the summer, for snow enthusiasts in Saas-fee 20 kilometers of varied glacier pistes ready.
Sure, that even the world's best ski aces get in Saas-Fee, the fine-tuning for the winter.
On hot summer days, the area is also a meeting place for snowboarders
who have fun in the snow park Allalin on the Super Pipe.

 Ice Climbing

This opens up for you and your adrenaline up a new world!
Ice climbing is definitely an impressive winter sports experience for all adventurers.

First, of course, learned the back-up and ice-climbing techniques and practiced.
After you have gained confidence in the sport climbing and your art, your adventure can no limits are set!

Saas-Fee Guides

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You rediscover the origins of skiing!
With increasing frequency, the skiers on the slopes to watch a tele skier, descends into the elegant turns on the slopes.
The origin of skiing, all skiing is more and more popular in Switzerland.

Requirements / facts

The Telemark is originally from Norway, traditional skiing.
The driver's knees when riding on the ski mountain side, by lifting the heel of your rear foot and the bottom ski moves forward.
Telemark skiing as a competitive technique was introduced in 1888 by the Norwegian Sondre Norheim, a ski jumping competition.

 Winter Hiking

They also want the winter time and very gently away from experiencing a party mood?
Forgotten amid the snowy forests to the everyday?
Then, 60 km of groomed winter (Thread) hiking trails await you.
With the right equipment every hike in the snow is a magnificent and meditative experience.

 Snowshoeing, Saas-Fee

Nordic Snowshoe Walking

Walking with special poles and snowshoes turns classical walking into an effective total body workout with maximum exercise effects.
On winter walks the alternative to skiing or snowboarding in a simple to medium terrain is performed.
Moonlight snowshoe hike Take part in this guided snowshoe hike
and let us take you into the fascinating winter landscape around Hohnegg.
Walking time: 1 ½ -2 hours.

Snowshoe trekking Walk around with the snow shoes "Behind Allalin"
in a sunny, high alpine terrain away from the ski slopes.

 The Eisport

in and of itself, one of the oldest winter sports in general.
In this sport, the feeling is closer to the ice for entertaining.
How about ice skating, curling or a curling game? Never done before?
No problem, try it under the guidance of an expert and treat you as a reward or a mulled wine or apple punch!
TIP: curling is very suitable for groups.


Saas-Fee (Hannig), Saas-Grund (cross bottom) and Saas-Almagell (Furggstalden)
offer well-groomed, exciting sledging. Fun for the whole family!
TIP: Experience the fun factor when special night-time sledging! 


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