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Home cooking, italian, french, swiss specialties.

We create a fresh & healthy menu.

Daily fresh salad buffet.

with a big local & international wine list.


Soup of the day   Fr. 8.00
Clear soup with vegetables and old Sherry   Fr. 7.50
Tomato Cream Soup with Balsamico Cream   Fr. 9.00
Escargots   Fr. 14.00 
Two types of melon with smoked ham   Fr. 14.00
Dried meat or Valaisian platter, large or small   Fr. 28.00 / 1/2 Fr. 16.00
Valaisan Cheese, large or small   Fr. 26.00 / 1/2 Fr. 14.00
Light cuisine
Grilled tender rumpsteak with herb butter and salads from the buffet   Fr. 35.00
Grilled chicken breast with herbs, sweet chili sauce and salads from the buffet   Fr. 27.00
Grilled salmon with different salads from the buffet   Fr. 26.00
Salad from the buffet
Small mixed salad   Fr. 8.50
Medium mixed salad   Fr. 12.00
Large mixed salad   Fr. 17.00
Vegetarian Rösti gratinated with spinach and cheese
  Fr. 22.00
Vegetable „Strudel“with noodles, mushroom cream sauce, herbs and vegetables
  Fr. 23.00
Small Dishes
Pasta with tomatoes, garlic and pimentos
  Fr. 19.00
Pasta with a light Gorgonzola sauce
  Fr. 19.50
“Bristol „ cheese toast with tomatoes and onions
  Fr. 21.00
Cheese toast with ham and egg   Fr. 22.00
Rösti Valais style with tomatoes, smoked ham, gratinated with cheese
  Fr. 25.00
Poached salmon with Pommery Mustard Sauce, parsley potatoes and vegetables
  Fr. 34.00
Grilled Black Tiger Shrimps with vegetable rice and Safron Sauce
  Fr. 39.00
All fish dishes include Salad from the Buffet    
Beef Entrecôte  180g     Fr. 43.00
Tender Rumpsteak  180g   Fr. 39.00
Pork steak  180g   Fr. 36.00
Chicken Breast  160g   Fr. 31.00
Lamb Entrecôte  160g   Fr. 45.00
Beef Filet  160g   Fr. 48.00

1 Sauce of choice:
Pepper sauce, red wine sauce, Bernaise Sauce, Herb butter or sautéed onions

1 Side dish of choice:
French Fries, Country Potatoes, Noodles, Rice, Rösti, Potato Gratin

All steaks include vegetables and salad from the buffett

Wiener Schnitzel with french fries   (small Fr. 39.-)  Fr. 44.-
Homemade Cordon Bleu with french fries    Fr. 45.00
Pork steak Valais Style, gratinated with tomatoes, smoked ham and cheese, Country Potatoes
dazu Country Kartoffeln
  Fr. 39.00
Veal Piccata with pesto spaghetti and tomato sauce   Fr. 44.00
All dishes include vegetables and salad from the buffet    
Cheese Fondue
(also for 1 Person)    
Cheese Fondue                                                                  Fr. 28.00
Tomato Cheese Fondue with potatoes   Fr. 29.00
Dishes for 2 people
    Price per Person
Double beef filet with Bernaise - or Peppersauce    Fr. 59.00
Served with mixed vegetables, salad from the buffet and a side dish of your choice: french fries, country potatoes, noodles, rice, rösti or potato gratin    
Fondue “ Chinoise “
with a variety of sauces, fruits and side dishes    Fr. 59.00
Fondue “ Bourguignonne “
with a variety of sauces, fruits and side dishes       Fr. 59.00

Side dishes:
french fries, country potatoes, noodles, rice, rösti or potatoegratin

All dishes are served with salad from the buffet

Dessert of the day    
Warm plums with walnut ice cream   Fr. 12.00
Fresh fruit salad                              Fr. 9.50 
Homemade Caramelköpfli    Fr. 6.50 
Parfait Mocca flambé  flambiert                       Fr. 10.50
Vanilla ice cream with Baileys     Fr. 11.50 
Yoghurt-Berry Ice Cream with Joghurtliqueur   Fr. 11.50 


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